RPET products


From PET to RPET *)

*) RPET is polyester made from recycled PET bottles


RPET, made from recycled PET bottles, is an excellent 'green'

alternative to the regular raw material for polyester fabrics and plastic articles. Clothing and promo articles made from RPET have the same level of quality and comfort.


Why choose RPET? (polyester, made from PET bottles)

  • saves 75% of fossil energy during production.
  • plastic, including polyester, is made from petroleum. RPET products cause 70% lower CO2 emissions.
  • recycled polyester uses 90% less drinking water than polyester and recycled bottles do not end up in the ocean.


How do we turn PET bottles into 100% RPET polyester

for things like: polo shirts - fleece jackets - scarves - hats - vests - lanyards - caps - umbrellas - raincoats.

  • collecting PET bottles (through various channels).
  • sorting - removing caps and labels – cleaning - shredding.
  • processing chips into granules à the GREEN raw material for new products.

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