Fairtrade cotton


Fairtrade briefly explained

Fairtrade helps farmers and workers in developing countries to acquire a better position in the supply chain so that they can live from their work and invest in a sustainable future. Fairtrade is both a trademark as well as a global movement. In the Netherlands, the Max Havelaar Foundation owns their own Fairtrade Certification Mark, also known as the Max Havelaar label.

Why is Fairtrade a necessity?

In Asia, Africa and South America many small-scale farmers are in constant uncertainty about their income. The strongly fluctuating world market determines that the crop yield is often so low that farmers are unable to support their families. Without a reliable income, they cannot invest in their company, in the future of their children or in their community. This is how poverty is maintained. Fairtrade breaks this vicious circle.


In addition to small-scale farmers plantations can also qualify for certification. The Fairtrade standards are aimed at a better life for the workers.

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